Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 12

Brisbane, Sunny

I woke up early, brushed up, took my bath and got ready to hit the city. Seeing things in the morning is so much better than last nite when it was already dark.

But was later told that MF they all aren't coming, I changed plan and decided to go to Cleveland instead. It is in the Redland region. 1st thing that greeted me when I reached is this big, tall christmas tree.

I only managed to visit the Redland Museum. It was really awesome as I always love to know how things look like back then, what sorts of things people do and what do they used to have in their daily lives. Just to put up some over here as there are really just  too many to share.

This is how the church looks like in the olden days. Check out the hymn board. I think it has the hymn numbers that they are singing on that Sunday. Nice :) 
A home-made clock radio huh? I only know what is a home-made muffin, no idea why people made a clock radio at home!?

Another machine not to be missed! A washing machine...LOL

I passed by a small park on my way back. Even a small park like this has a name - Norm Dean Park.

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