Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 11

Brisbane, Sunny

We took a bus to City Central from MK's place. Queen Street Mall is just opposite Myer, where the central bus station is located. We moved on to Fortitude Valley by bus after we had lunch. I had 5 flavours chicken roll, sweet & sour fish and mayo chicken. $3.99 each.

I checked in Brisbane Manor Hostel around 2pm and only to find out that the train station is 15-mins-walk away. I should have booked somewhere nearer.
This is a building / landmark for me to recognise my way back to the hostel.

This is how the corridor of the hostel looked.

Meet up with MK and his friend, Joe for dinner at Sunnybank Market Square. I had Singapore Fried Beehoon. $10.80
We walked around Southbank Riverside and to the Goodwill Bridge.

Goodwill Bridge

I didn't realise that that nite 2 planets will coincide on the same galaxy line and with the moon, they actually formed a smiley face in the sky. I am so fortunate to see it with my own eyes and captured this beautiful sight.

:) a smiley face in the sky (the moon and 2 planets)
  We also met up with an old friend, Albert. We didn't really keep in touch after he moved to Brisbane. Nice chat and his gf, Winnie is very friendly too. Albert sent me back to the hostel after our long catch up session by the Riverside.

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