Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 10

Gold Coast, Very Sunny (it's Austin's birthday!)

A sunday. I had egg & ham roll for breakfast. Didn't expect it to appear as a burger when my order came :)
Cost me $5.95 and a glass of orange juice $4.

We all (that includes me, MF, MK, Scott and his 2 daughters, Lacey (6) and Summer (9), MH) headed to 'Wet & Wild'. 

There we are, in front of the entrance. It is indeed a cool park, a water world. No chance to bring along my camera to snap photos.

Well, I did manage to snap one from far when we came out of the park. I went on a few scary rides. Just to name two of them- Black Hole, Twister.

I almost regretted when I was in the one shown below. Gosh. I was nearly thrown out of the tube as the speed is faster than I have imagined. Thank God that I survived~! LOL
We were all wet and tired. Grabbed a quick dinner and I even got myself a tatoo at the back for $7. Pretty cool huh? We were on the way back to Brisbane the nite itself after a short stroll. I bought a kangaroo skin coin pouch $2 and a rain coat at Surfer's paradise.

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