Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 2

Melbourne, Rainy

It started raining the moment I opened my eyes in the morning. After washing up, Pauline & I went to have porridge, with "you tiao" and spinach. $8 After breakfast, we walk across to the shopping centre nearby. Saw a clown walking on his hands and Kungfu panda but only manage to catch a photo of his back. *o*

We then bought some shower cream and sun block. We bought a big mango $5 but only paid $1.92 for it. hehe. wondering how? This is the tricky part. The supermarket allows customers to scan their purchases with the scanning machine. (self service cashier machine) You can even weight the things before paying. The mango price that we choose from the screen shows a lower price and that's how.

We had mushroom + snow peas, zuchinni + egg and steamed cod fish. yummy. We bought the fish for $5 but Pauline sais sometimes can be even cheaper. I also bought a vodafone sim card with recharge (we refers as reload) of $29. Costed me $31 in total with a total usage value of $130.

Slept late tonite cos was on MSN with MF and Austin. Saw mummy and daddy on MSN. Notice how worried they are about me, especially dad who asked me to sms him rite after I got the sim card. hehe. That's my dad.. ;)

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