Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 6

Sydney, Sunny

As I did not sleep much the night before, I was sleeping throughout the whole journey. It's quite a pleasant flight with Jetstar, except for the small bump.
I was forced to squeeze out my shampoo & shower gel as I was only allowed to bring <100ML liquid/ gel with me in my hand luggage. Wasteful but I was left with no choice. Who would have expected that the flight is actually a transit flight from Bangkok-Melbourne-Sydney and thus I have to fly from international terminal, causing me all the hassle.

After meeting up with MF, we went to Banksia where she used to stay. $9.50 bus + train ticket. She is staying in Flemington now with a landlady and her son, Leo. I had tomato beef fried rice for lunch.

We then travelled to the city and MF brought me to Chinatown.

We managed to meet up with Aylwin and a gal friend of his, Katherine for dinner. We had sushi, all plates cost $2.80. Lobster salad is good but the green tea tastes really funny. Have to order apple juice to get rid of the smell. Aylwin spent us and it was great catching up with old friends.

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