Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 4

Melbourne, Sunny but Cold

Woke up late as the weather was really making me super sleepy. Had breakfast with Pauline & John at a Vietnamese restaurant. I ordered Vietnamese Vercemilli $8.50 for myself.

We then head to the City without John. I made use of one of the 5x daily ticket bought earlier to get us to the City. We stopped at Flinders Street and walked across to the Federation Square.

Visitor Information Center is located right in front of the Federation Square. We took a lot of info from there, ie. booklets, leaflets, maps, etc. And visited the toilet as well. Very environmental friendly indeed, you know what? The toilets is flushed using the rain water collected.

Next stop>> St Kilda. We took Tram 112 there. Strong wind. Peaceful and quiet. Fishy smell. Sea water smell. Blue sky. Hot sun. We got ourselves a Gelato Chocangelo & Passion Fruit $4.50 from a cafe that sits right at the end of the pier. There are people fishing but no one seems to have caught a fish.

We then caught a tram back to the city. Noticed the sign below which I think is a good msg to share.

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