Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 8

Brisbane, Sunny

Andrew booked a taxi to send me to airport. How sweet of him to make me a cup of milo early in the morning. It only took me 15 mins to get to the airport. Paid $24 for the taxi. $20.70 + $2 hiring fee + $1.30 tips.

I was given an aisle seat in the plane which I think it is more convenient for someone like me who needs to visit the toilet every now and then. I checked-in thru a ticket kiosk and Virgin Blue makes check-in so much easier. Just key in your booking no. and you can get the ticket printed.

Got myself in Brisbane at 6.30am Brisbane time. It is an hour slower than Sydney, so I earned an extra hour flying against the time. My pepper spray which I hanged on my backpack was confisticated by the airport police. Sigh. I was rather reluctant to surrender it until I agreed with the officer that it actually endangered me as well as anyone can use that to spray at me. So they need to ensure that no one in Brisbane has a pepper spray.

MF arrived on a 11.30am flight but I did not see her coming out from the gate. I checked the Arrival screen and it was Gate 43. I was probably too sleepy and did not notice her when she came out. Her phone was out of batt and luckily she is clever enough to use the airposrt PA system to page for me. Smart gal! (A good tip for those travelling and find your cellphone dead, don't panic, do what MF did.)
MK (Max) picked us up from the airport and we headed to Gold Coast after having lunch.
The apartment that we stayed is facing the sea, nice view which cost us A$110 per nite. We then met up with Scott for dinner at the casino. I has Greek lamb with salad.

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