Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 7

Sydney, Sunny

I took train to Central on my own to meet up with Andrew as MF is at work today. We had Dim Sum for lunch at Chinatown. He spent. =)

Found something interesting at the restaurant. It is my 1st time seeing a toilet door being locked with security password. haha. But you can find the password on the door, wondering what is the purpose of them locking up the toilet. Interesting huh?

We went to Paddy Market after lunch, which more or less looks like our Petaling street but this is a smaller version of that. Went back around 3pm. Bought my ticket from Brisbane to Cairns $89 and from Cairns to Sydney $129. Cairns will be my next stop after Brisbane. As for Gold Coast, MF & her bros will be going too.

MF, Andrew, Aylwin and I had dinner at one of the chinese restaurant and i ordered duck meat noodle. too salty!! ;~( That nite, I went home together with the 2 guys as Maroubra is nearer to the airport so it will be cheaper to take a taxi from there.

Andrew's room is dust-free, super clean. very rare for a guy, huh? That's my BIG BRO. I went straight to bed after booking the hostels in Brisbane & Cairns, which cost me $150, as the taxi will be picking me up at 4.30am.

*Tips: Book a hostel from Save some $$ for other stuff. A hostel is cheaper and you get to know more new friends!

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