Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 3

Melbourne, Sunny

It's a beautiful Sunday morning, we went straight to the city. Ate a burger meal at Oporto $8. Then took the tram to the State library. We bought a Sunday Saver train ticket for only $2.90. That's why it's obvious that the Gov is encouraging ppl to use the public amenities on Sundays.

We wandered around and visited Myer, one of the biggest shopping mall in Melb. Stopped by Juice Boost to grab a cup of fruit + vege juice. $5 We then head over to Melbourne Exhibition Center to watch the Sexpo Show. We bought the ticket earlier online $22, otherwise we will be wasting out time waiting in the long queue. 1st time for both of us so we were really curious. They have set up a lot of stalls like those exhibitions that we had been to but these one here are all selling something that perk up your sex life. I am not sure what exacty is the purpose of the show but that was my very 1st time to watch live pole dancing and strip dance.

After that, we decided to visit the Eureka Skydeck. one of the tallest building in Melb. It is somehow similar to Taipei 101. The only diff is that you get to stand on the 30m edge deck for additional $10. A no-no for us. The entrance fee was $9.90 as we manage to get it at concession price.

Had dinner at Crown Tower with Pauline, John (Pauline's bro) and Cindy (John's gf). This is the most expensive dinner that I had. $32 But the food was really nice. I had spaghetti.

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